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Mission Resources

7 Creative Models for Commnity Ministry

By Joy Skjegstad


A practical guide for church leaders seeking to engage their congregations with the community, offering step-by-step instructions on 7 ways to structure transformational community ministry. Joy Skjegstad outlines processes for learning about the neighborhood, assessing gifts and passions within the church, and finding a good fit between congregation and community.


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The Fully-Funded Ministry Field Guide

By RSI Stewardship


This is a new resource that combines experience with the latest trends in church giving to provide practical tips, ideas, and strategies to increase operational giving. It aims to help you develop a plan to exceed your annual budge and fund your vision for mission this year.


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Mission Interpreters 


Learn more about becoming a Mission Interpreter



Campaign For The ELCA Grants

The ELCA’s Always Being Made New has closed its first year by hitting the goal of $45 million. Over the remaining 4 years the goal is to raise $198 million. As the funds come in, grant programs are being produced.

Download a list of currently available grants.