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Beginning Your Board’s Leadersh...

By Nathan Kirkpatrick Download the article Beginning Your Board’s Leadership [...]

Ten Reasons Why Many Churches Aren...

By Thom Rainer Eighteen months ago, I reported on a Twitter poll that asked why churches aren’t evangelistic. Since that time, I have followed up by asking the same question of church leaders in both evangelistic and non-evangelistic churches. I could cite you a plethora of statistics that demonstrate the evangelistic apathy of most of [...]

Pack locally, impact globally

By Sue Sprang ACME – “The church is now leaving the building… and the United States… via a shoebox,” said a post by Feast of Victory Lutheran Church member Abby Tongue on Facebook. Tongue was reminding her fellow members that Operation Christmas Child was underway and it was time to gather at the church to [...]

Celebrating ReformationLIVES

By Sue Sprang LANSING – With 2017 being the 500th anniversary of the onset of the Reformation, Lutherans across the globe are planning celebrations and events in observance of this important date in church history. Some will involve thousands of people, travel, tight schedules, lots of ritual or formality or pageantry, and years of preplanning. [...]

A new beginning for teen refugees

By Sue Sprang JACKSON – Faith in Action, a community outreach group in Jackson, has joined forces with Samaritas (formerly Lutheran Social Services of Michigan) to set up an Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (URM) home in the county. Originally comprised of four congregations (St. James and Immanuel Lutheran Churches (ELCA*), Jackson; First Presbyterian Church, Jackson; and [...]

Cooperative Ministry Spectrum

By David Sprang There are a variety of cooperative ministries. Download this spectrum to help visualize the various options. Process for Discernment: Listen to God – prayer and bible study Listen to each other – discussion Listen to the community – one on one conversations Formulation of guiding statement and covenant Develop a plan of action [...]