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It is what it is

By Sue Sprang It is what it is… or is it? It seems a currently common phrase is: “It is what it is”. And sometimes that’s the way it has to be. Sometimes whatever the “it” is cannot be changed. Whether or not we like the “it” doesn’t matter. That’s the way things are and [...]

The Resuscitated Church

By Thom Rainer She was on her deathbed. Every breath was laborious. Every breath was more difficult. Those who surrounded her knew the end was imminent. It was only matter of time—a very brief time. But the impossible became the possible. The dying lady survived. In fact, she not only survived, her outlook is very [...]

At What Age Should a Pastor Retire? T...

By Thom Rainer There are a lot of us Baby Boomer pastors and Christian leaders around. And it’s cliché, but we aren’t getting any younger. It’s a quiet question that many are asking, but they are asking it nonetheless: What age should I retire? Instead of responding with a specific number, I ask my Baby [...]

Beginning Your Board’s Leadersh...

By Nathan Kirkpatrick Download the article Beginning Your Board’s Leadership [...]

Ten Reasons Why Many Churches Aren...

By Thom Rainer Eighteen months ago, I reported on a Twitter poll that asked why churches aren’t evangelistic. Since that time, I have followed up by asking the same question of church leaders in both evangelistic and non-evangelistic churches. I could cite you a plethora of statistics that demonstrate the evangelistic apathy of most of [...]

Pack locally, impact globally

By Sue Sprang ACME – “The church is now leaving the building… and the United States… via a shoebox,” said a post by Feast of Victory Lutheran Church member Abby Tongue on Facebook. Tongue was reminding her fellow members that Operation Christmas Child was underway and it was time to gather at the church to [...]