The Annual Parochial Report (A&C) that has been or soon will be sent to your from the Office of the Secretary of the ELCA is due February 15, 2015. This report is mandatory. It is important that you fill it out as the statistics are used for various types of planning for the future. You may enter the information and submit this report online. Instructions can be found here. If you need your congregation ID number or password, please contact the Synod Office. 

The Annual Report to the Bishop is due March 1, 2015. To fill out the report visit this website and click on the SYNODS tab. If you do not have web access, please call the synod office and a hard copy will be mailed to you. This report is an important way for you to share your ministry concerns and joys. This report may be sent directly to Bishop Satterlee. Note: To avoid losing your input, after you download the form, you will need to save it to your own computer before entering your information. To submit it, save it again and email it to